Can mouthwash give you a heart attack?

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But before we uncover possible harmful effects of mouthwash, let’s examine mouthwash itself.

Mouthwash is a fluid rinse for part of your oral hygiene routine. It’s meant to protect gums and teeth and comes in different varieties for different needs. There are fluoride mouthwashes, anti-plaque mouthwashes and mouthwash that is desensitizing; all to help improve your oral hygiene. Yet although these items are meant to better our health, alarming research is revealing mouthwashes heart attack danger.

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Mouthwash – heart health connection

Published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, British researchers revealed the link between mouthwash and heart attacks. Antiseptic mouthwashes were found to increase blood pressure between two to 3.5 points. Researchers noted that even a increase that is two-point blood pressure translates to a 7 percent upsurge in heart attack risk. Furthermore, stroke risk additionally increased by 10 percent.

clash of clans free gems In the study, 19 participants used an antiseptic mouthwash twice a day. Before and after using the mouthwash, participants’ blood pressure was recorded.

The main ingredient in many popular antiseptic mouthwashes is chlorohexidine and although it can kill off bad bacteria, it also kills off the good ones as well. When good oral bacteria are killed off, nitrite isn’t produced – the compound necessary for blood vessels to dilate. Blood pressure rises as a dangerous result.

The participants into the scholarly study saw a decrease in nitrate production by 90 percent and blood nitrate levels dropped 25 percent.


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